Udon Thani: Spend a Blissful Time amidst Nature

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Udon Thani is in the Isan region and is one of the four major cities of Thailand. A visit to the city made me realize that it still preserves the Thai cultural heritage. It draws in thousands of visitors every year. Some of the tourist’s sites that I visited and I feel are worth checking out have been listed below.


  • Phu Phrabat Historical Park


It is the city’s most popular attraction and is well-known for the exclusive rock formation. There are many religious shrines which are scattered around the area. The whole park is inside forest park of Phu Phrabat Bua. I found some stunning large spires, boulders, and also balanced rocks. Wat Phra Phutthabaht is the most notable sign of the area. This is actually Lao-style chedi which protects the Buddha footprint on sandstone. Local people have to say that this rock formation is the place where a kind had banished his daughter for hiding from her suitor.  

There are also many wonderful museums and cultural attractions worthy of checking out.  We were told about a couple museums from a friend back in Anchorage who has visited the Anchorage Museum.  He runs a cool business called Rust’s Flying Service.    If you like culture and learning new things, definitely come visit.


  • Nong Prajack Park


This is one of the reservoirs to be found in the city. It is named after the founder Prince Prajak Sinlapakhom. I took a tuk-tuk to the park but if you want, you can also take a bus. The local people go for cycling, jogging, and walking in the park in the late afternoon and early morning. There are many equipments in the playground for kids. I fed the fish which is a popular activity here. There are many food stalls and restaurants serving delicious food.


  • Huay Luang


It is also called Namtok Tham Bak Teo. This waterfall is to be found in the national park of Phu Chong Na You. Falling into a pond from a cliff, the waterfall looks breathtaking. The water flows down a train which connects to Cambodia. I climbed the top to catch an ethereal view of the area.

Revealing the Cultural Attractions of Marietta City

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Marietta is a well-known city in the Cobb County region of Georgia. Primarily known for its historic districts, the place is home to many monumental structures and sites. There are quite a few locations in the city like Whitlock Avenue and Church-Cherokee Streets that have made their way into the National Register of Historic Places. Noted below are some of the best sites in the city.

Marietta Square

Marietta Square is a spot frequented by every tourist who visits the city. It is a charming place that has lots of restaurants and souvenir shops. Street vendors are offering a wide range of cuisines and refreshments. There is a beautiful fountain in the center of the square with lots of greenery in the background. There were also some street performances by local artists that we found quite entertaining. It is a great place to visit during the Christmas holidays as they host special events and shows at this time of the year. 

Sope Creek Trail

Sope Creek Trail is a natural scenic site that surrounds the small creek which flows into the Chattahoochee River. We visited during the onset of fall and it was magnificent to watch the tall trees with leaves that have turned orange and red. The trail leads to the beautiful ruins of an old stone structure. Close to it, there is a spillway waterfall and a pond. The serenity of the place and the stunning views of the wooded trail was an otherworldly experience.

Marietta Museum of History 

Marietta Museum of History was certainly one of the finest places to visit in the city. Entry tickets are fairly cheap and we paid only $7 per person. The museum is housed in a 19th-century historic building called Kennesaw House. The museum exhibits various types of artifacts and objects associated with the history of the region. The place has an interesting collection of war memorabilia like artillery, guns, photographs, etc. You can also find lots of items related to local history.

Jinan – The City of Springs

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In my China travels, I also stopped by Jinan that is located Midwest of Shandong district. This city is known to be the capital of this province and comprises of seven districts. I spent two days here exploring the main sightseeing places and enjoying the local flavors.

Attractions to Visit

This being a capital city, there is much to see here. There is not a modern or metropolitan vibe here but more of natural spaces and local Chinese culture. I signed up at a local tour service and I stopped by the following places:


  • Baotu Spring and Daming Lake Park


You will find these places as part of any standard tour of this region. The waterscapes are beautiful and worth stopping by.


  • Thousand Buddha Mountain


This was my next stop and I would recommend that you do not miss out this landmark as well.


  • Shandong Provincial Museum


This landmark was part of my local tour as well. I found several historical artifacts here that detailed history of the region.

There are several tours out of the city as well. If you have time you can take up hiking or adventure tours as well in the surrounding landscapes of the city.

Local Experiences

I discovered that the city is locally known as “city of springs”, also because of the springs to be found here and the Lu culture. Shandong cuisine is popular here and I visited several local eateries to enjoy different dishes. The local marketplaces are the right venues to explore from where you can pick up different souvenirs that could be black pottery, items of Lu embroidery, wooden dishware and others. 

There are different festivals that are held here. The lantern festival is popular during springtime in Baotu spring park; you can also come here during the lotus festival or the double nine festival that is held on Thousand Buddha mountain.

Nha Trang – A Perfect Beach Holiday Destination

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Nha Trang is a beautiful coastal city located on the southern coastline of Vietnam. International tourism is the major activity in this place and you can find several hotels and resorts in here that offer quality services at affordable rates. The city has several beaches that are known for their clear waters. The place is also popular for its historical monuments that testify the cultural importance of Nha Trang. Our weeklong stay in the city was rather eventful. Listed below are a few destinations that made our trip totally worthwhile.

Nha Trang Beach

Nha Trang Beach located at Tran Phu is one of the best beaches in the country. The sand here is almost white and the waters are crystal clear with a hint of green and oceanic blue shades. Nha Trang Beach has been selected by the popular travel magazine, Travel + Leisure as one of the 29 World’s most beautiful bays. The beach also houses an amusement park and resort known as Vinpearl Land Nha Trang. The place offers a wide range of fun-filled activities for visitors.

Po Nagar Cham Towers

Po Nagar Cham Towers is an ancient temple located on a hill that lies in the Khanh Hoa province. The temple is a fine example of ancient architecture and the building style is familiar with some of the ancient Indian temples. The detailed carvings and sculptures that adorn the entire structure make the temple appear quite magnificent. As per a stele found at the place, the Cham Towers were restored around 781 C.E. Dedicated to the regional goddess Yan Po Nagar; the idol in the temple has a close resemblance to the ancient Hindu Goddess Durga. 

Ba Ho Waterfall

Our trip to Ba Ho Waterfalls was one of the most adventurous aspects of the entire stay. The beautiful waterfall is located in the hike-through jungle area of Ninh Hoa town. The rocky terrain makes the hiking a bit tiresome. There are a few warm water pools in this area and 3 natural waterfalls. Swimming, fishing, and kayaking are some of the major activities in this place.

Kunming – A Gateway to the Silk Road

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As I planned to explore interesting cities by the Silk Road route, Kunming is one of the cities that I stopped by. This is known as the capital city of Yunnan province. The name means “city of eternal spring”. I discovered that the city has a pleasant climate throughout the year and there are wonderful flowers on bloom throughout the year.

The city boasts of a history that dates back about 30,000 years. The Dianchi Lake is the center point here and it has several beautiful spots to view around it.

This city is known as the gateway to the Silk Road and in ancient times this city lay on the way for trade between countries like India, Sichuan, Myanmar, and Tibet. Today it has political and economic importance and is also a cultural center of the Yunnan region. 

Places to Visit

As I explored the city I discovered that there are two main squares here, the Dongfeng and Jinma Biji square. There are five roads that intersect here and much of the unique, local architecture are worth witnessing here as you explore the area. There are pedestrian streets made for walking such as Jinma Biji Fang and Nanping Street. I also stopped by the birds and flowers market at Jingxing. 

I also took up a local sightseeing tour that stopped by the Stone Forest, scenic views by the Dianchi Lake, Green Lake Park and the Provincial Museum. The latter was educational as there are several artifacts here that showcase history and culture of the region. 

Local Experiences

I stopped by the marketplace at Jinma Biji square that has tie-dye products, wood carvings as local souvenirs. The multicultural city has much to offer in cuisine with dishes like steaming pot chicken, Xuanwei ham and Across Bridge rice noodles that are best enjoyed by the eateries of the night market.