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Four Interesting Tips to Travel for Free

Posted on 08 January 2019 by admin (0)

Do you yearn to travel to hundreds of places but can not afford? You should look out for ways to move for free. The only disadvantage of travelling for free is that you will not have a say on the choice of destination. If you suddenly wish to go back, you can not unless you choose to pay. The most important thing is that you will travel without paying. Below are four ways which have helped many to travel for free across the world.

1. Use Credit Cards Rewards

If you travel a lot, you must have accumulated a lot of points on your credit cards. All airlines have ways of rewarding their loyal customers by giving them points once they travel. Choose airlines which have competitive rewards. One day, you will realize that your points are enough to let you travel for free.

2. Lookout For Travel Gifts

During birthdays, weddings and other ceremonies, if asked what gift you would like, do not hesitate to ask for a travel voucher. Many employers would be happy to give travel vouchers to their loyal employees. Just ask, and you might be surprised.  

3. Offer to Drive Others

If you do not have a car or you cannot afford to rent one, you can still go to those up-country places you always fancy. You can offer to drive someone’s car. You will enjoy the journey because you will go as a tourist, not a driver. You might realize someone will help you to drive back. When the owner is busy doing what brought him there, you can be free to enjoy yourself.

4. Volunteer for a Charity Work

The best and the most productive way to travel for free is to volunteer your time and services to a charity cause. You can select one of the organizations which deal with what interests you. If you like taking care of abandoned children or the aged, for example, many non-governmental organizations would be happy to have you.  Here, you can offer professional services, and if they do not apply, you can still be a driver, a cook or any other position they may see fit. The key here is to find something you will enjoy doing. Unlike the above ways of travelling for free, volunteering is the most productive and challenging. The other advantage is that you will not pay for accommodation. You might be lucky to get a reward after you are done volunteering.

Bottom Line

You were created to be mobile. The urge to visit as many places as possible should be obeyed. Nobody is happy staying in one place all the time. The cost of travelling can be much that you can not afford to go to all the places you like. If you choose to travel for free, you will not have much say on the destination, but you can enjoy breaking the monotony. The above tips will help you understand that it is possible to travel to many places without paying anything.