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Huancayo – The Attractive City

Posted on 09 June 2019 by admin (0)

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It is the most commercialized city around Peru. And even though this city is covered in modernization, it still has hints of historical and ancient architectures. The city is very lively and every morning you can see working people just rushing down the streets to get where they need to be. There are many restaurants and bars here, and down the same street lanes, you can find various bookshops and shopping stores. This place has it all. You will find various attractions for kids and entertainment for the whole family. And if you are visiting without kids, then the nightlife here is going to blow your minds. From exquisite bars to exotic mocktails made right in front of you. A must visit the place.

La Cãbana

La Cabana by far is the most popular restaurant when it comes to Peru. And I will completely agree the food here is just sublime. The flavors from the chef are like a dance celebration on your taste buds. Every mouthful is sinful. And not just the food, but the chef himself has an intriguing back story about how it all started. The man once collected every majestic and unique thing he could, including some very rare and exotic fruits and flavors and machines and very old equipment’s. For himself, he put everything to use and started creating food with those. Once who started on the roadside is now the very successful franchise owner of La Cabana.

Ano Nuévo

This refers to the festivities that take place while celebrating the New Year. The celebrations here are marked by drinks and street foods and costume parties. The costume parties on New Years here are slightly different and unusual to what I have seen around. They put on clothes like old people and wear these big noses and start dancing around the streets over their folk songs, this for them is a way of remembering their elderly. They do mischievous activities and dance around. If you’re visiting around new years, you must attend this.