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Monterrey: Explore The Top Rated Tourist Attractions

Posted on 15 January 2019 by admin (0)

Ask me, and I will say that Monterrey is one of the most underrated cities. Just dig below the bad reputation and you will find a lot of hidden gems. Monterrey has retained its amazing old-Spanish atmosphere and the narrow alleys, the picturesque patios, and flat-roof houses. Read and find out some of the best things that this city has to offer.

  • The Macroplaza

This is the 4th largest public square of the world. The Macroplaza of Monterrey was the best place to start my tour because it is close to a majority of the tourist places. This covers an area of 99 acres and has a garden to linger. The easiest and popular landmark of the place is the Lighthouse of Commerce. This looks spectacular at night as dazzling light come out of the structure across the city. Other features that you will find here are Neptune Fountain and Heroes’ Esplanade.

  • The Museum of Contemporary Art

MARCO or The Museum of Contemporary Art had been opened in the year 1991. It stands at Gran Plaza. I take great interest in Mexican so this was a must-visit for me. Apart from the great temporary exhibition, MARCO also has a permanent collection of pieces of modern art from around the country. As a matter of fact, the building is a piece of art.

  • Santa Lucia Riverwalk and Fundidora Park

Take a pleasant walk in Monterrey along Santa Lucia Riverwalk. The surprising thing about this is that it is a man-made river which is 3 kilometers long. It connects Macroplaza to Fundidora Park. While walking, you will come across many interesting sculptures, architectural highlights, and fountains. The best way to have fun is to walk along Fundidora Park and check out the attractions prior to heading to Marco Plaza in a boat.