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Villahermosa: Exploring The Best Attractions

Posted on 01 February 2019 by admin (0)

Villahermosa is on the banks of Rio Grijalva. The modern and bustling city took my breath away. I found the city to have a unique character and personality.  Situated at the center of Downtown, it is surely the best getaway to the well-known attractions of the city. If are planning to take a trip to Villahermosa, here is a small guide to check out the best attractions.

  • Visit Zona Remodelada

Also, known as La Zona, it is also known as the most popular tourist destination. I found a plethora of attractions here. At the Northern end, you can check out Parque Juarez. In the evening, there are crowds that gather for a meeting and for chit-chat. La Casa Siempreviva is an attractive building that you will find in the locality that is painted in purple and pink.

  • Check out the Plaza De Armas

It is also known as Main Square and is situated in Historic Center of Villahermosa. Diego de Quijada had founded 1564 the city. The building had been remodeled many times. Thus, there has been significant original appearance. Recently, it had been remodeled in 2011. The plaza covers an area of 13,500. You will find dancing mountains, water mirror, and stages for performance. The flowers pots with beautiful flowers add to the beauty of the place.

  • Relish seafood in La Cevicheria

La Cevicheria is a stellar seafood place that is situated over a river from the center of the city. Travelers love to visit this place because of the mural that is to be found inside the restaurant. I loved this place because of its friendly and amazing vibe. It is a busy and chaotic that has gained popularity because of serving the best palatable food. The tacos you get in this restaurant are simply yummy.